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Mile Mala, MeMeMe Studios
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From the creator of “Smart Face”, the international success, comes another street smart fun format!

“Intuition” is a new game show were you don’t need to know anything, all you need is your strong intuition. Can ordinary people on the street realize your personality and biography just by looking at you? Is this woman married or single? How much money does this man have in his wallet? Is this women a deep water diver or a lawyer? Is this person’s hobby is going to a nudist beach?

Can you judge a book by its cover? …and answer 10 questions based on intuition alone?

Every episode has a couple of games where one contestant answers 10 questions about a random person they meet for the first time. To win the game, our contestant must answer 7 questions correctly. If they get 5 correct answers they can quit and walk away with $3,000 in their pocket but if they go all the way, they can win $10,000! Finally, they have the option to choose double or nothing.

The game can be played on the street, in a mall, on a train or any outdoor place coming to mind.

Intuition - the game everybody can play. You don't need to pile your brain with endless useless information to answer the same old trivia games, all you need to win is intuition!